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2011 - 2012 ......The Coeur d'Alene Carousel Public Art Project

Here is an example of a pony that has already been painted

The Coeur d'Alene Carousel Foundation will be hosting a Public Art Project featuring hand painted carousel ponies.

The fundraiser will help build a permanent structure to showcase and enable operation of the historic Playland Pier
Carousel for all to enjoy. The project will entail hand painted full size fiberglass carousel ponies commissioned by
local artists through sponsorships and then auctioned to raise needed funds.

July 4th - The Carousels are shown off at the CDA Parade

January 2011 to 2012 - Board Members meet and talk to the City of CDA of possible locations for the Carousel
within the CDA park or the Four Corners area.

February 10th - CDA Carousel "Sweetheart" Dance in downtown CDA

March 2012 - Board Members discuss a possible permanent location for the Carousel in Riverstone near the park.


August 2014 - CDA Carousel Board working with CDA City Board to include the Carousel in the City's Future Four Corners developement project. The Board is discussing the Carousel's possible future perminant home to be located on one of the Four Corners as a possible extension of the existing City Park and close to it's original location in Playland Pier. Come show your support as we move forward!!


August 2015 - The City of CDA has announced that it plans to give the CDA Carousel a new home in the Four Corners area as part of their proposed Master Plan. Visit the City's website to view their vision for the Four Corners project.

Here is a sneak peak look at a rendering of our new CDA Carousel home:

Please join the CDA Carousel Foundation in our fundraising efforts! A local benefactor has stepped up and offered us a generous "matching funds" donation. Everything we raise in the next 6 months - he will match and all will go towards our new building! So if you would like to donate or help fundraise please let us know we would love your support!